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Understanding the public heath risk associated with farming of oysters in NC

We are beginning an exciting project. A lot of the focus of our recent research has been on Vibrio spp. in wild oysters. We will now begin comparing this data to that collected from professional and amateur farmed oysters in North Carolina. This includes “backyard farmers” who grow oysters under their private docks, part of a fantastic program administered by NC SeaGrant and the NC Division of Marine Fisheries. I highly recommend this program, as it promotes a sustainable way to grow and enjoy fresh and healthy seafood. We plan to determine if the risk of Vibrio infection is greater from farmed oysters vs. wild oysters. We are seeking people who grow their own oysters as part of the NC Under Dock Oyster Culture (UDOC) program to be included in the project. We will purchase a handful of the grown oysters, sample them and add the data to the project. If you are interested in participating in this research, please visit the Contact Me page. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the science that is literally going on in your back yard. Plus, we will happily share out findings with you, personally and through a future informal talk at a local pub.

Photo by Paul Stephen of StarNews Online

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