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Scientific Minds


Casey Simpson

MS Student

Casey examines the intraspecies killing that occurs in V. vulnificus strains using the Type VI secretion system


Navolle Amiri

MS Student

Navolle's project involves assaying the competition involved in bacteria vying for space in oyster matrices

Faris pic.jpg

Faris Naimi

MS Student

Faris is manipulating Vibrio and their quorum sensing signals to determine the effect on gene expression


Kate Morin

MS Student

Kate is determining the bactericidal ability of a "killer" strain of Vibrio


Taharah Islam

Undergraduate Researcher

Taharah works with the viable but non-culturable (VBNC) state in Vibrio

Nabiel Dehyar

Undergraduate Researcher

Nabiel works on a variety of projects, including comparing the rates of bacteria growth with various plamids

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