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I'm interested in the ecophysiology of human pathogenic Vibrio species.  I am particularly interested in their interaction with oysters and other shellfish, which are natural reservoirs for these bacteria.  My goal is to reduce Vibrio infections that result from shellfish consumption.  



Bacterial interactions

Inter- and intraspecies competition between bacteria 

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Ph.D. Biology

Oyster uptake and depuration of Vibrio spp.

The physiology and dynamics of how bacteria enter, colonize, and exit the shellfish reservoir

Pathogenic Vibrio vulnificus "blooms"

Environmental conditions that promote the less-common "clinical" strains of Vibrio vulnificus to outnumber the "environmental" strains.  

Pathogenic Vibrio in wild vs. farmed oysters

Differences in environment and handling that influence abundanceof virulent strains of bacteria

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

B.S. Biology, conc. in Microbiology

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